Care and Maintenance

Cleaning Procedures & Recommendations

Since granite kitchen counter tops represent a major investment, homeowners naturally want to know what the facts about care of granite counter tops. Granite is a harder stone than marble, and the care for it is generally simpler than it is for marble. However, whichever stone us used for counter tops, one of the most important principals of care of granite counter tops is that you should always wipe spills immediately. Granite is somewhat absorbent, and although unlikely can absorb stains if spills are left for any length of time.

A mild solution of dish washing liquid in warm water is fine for routine care of granite counter tops. Using a soft cloth, give it a quick wipe everyday. Method has a nice daily granite spray cleaner and it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It can often be fount at Target and sometimes Harris Teeter.

In severe cases, a stain may require a granite cleansing poultice. A poultice for care of granite counter tops can be made by combing a tablespoon or two of dish soap with a cup of white flour and enough water to make a paste. To use the paste, spread it over the stain, and lay plastic wrap over the paste. By letting this set overnight, the flour will have time to absorb the stain back out of the granite counter top surface.

Molding plaster can also be made into a poultice for care of granite counter tops. Combine it with bleach and use the paste on stains that are not from greasy sources. Stains such as ink or wine might respond to this treatment. For oily stains, use water instead of bleach to make this poultice.

Hydrogen peroxide is safe to use for care of granite counter tops and can be combined with ammonia to treat food stains like tea or coffee. Peroxide is more suited to light colored granite counter tops, however, since it has something of a bleaching action. It can also be used with flour in place of dish soap to make a paste to clean greasy stains.

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Care and Maintenance

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